DCI Digging A Deeper Hole for Itself

No group has made a more honest effort to bring SMPTE DCP into production than ISDCF. One of the reasons ISDCF has been popular and successful is its pragmatic, incremental approach to introducing new features and updates. Having established, through its many plugfests, a baseline for SMPTE DCP interoperability across the most up-to-date versions of manufacturer media blocks, ISDCF sent a suggestion to DCI to include its curated test materials in future DCI testing. That would set the stage for an interoperability specification for SMPTE DCP that actually works, as opposed to the multiple versions of SMPTE DCP published in years 2009, 2011, and 2013, none of which ISDCF has been successful in establishing full compliance with. But instead of taking the practical, pragmatic suggestion of ISDCF, DCI took the high road, stating it would only support full compliance with the 2013 version of SMPTE DCP.

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