Don’t Underestimate MoviePass

Exhibition data is worth more than you think.

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Questions and Answers About HDR in Cinema

Coming to a cinema near you…one day
source:  ICAS shoot by Revelations Entertainment

I was recently asked a few questions pertinent to the introduction of cinema HDR (High Dynamic Range). It reminded me that many cinema technologists walked in through the digital cinema door, with little history of how we got here. My lengthy response was a bit more than the editor was seeking, so I polished it up for posting here.  ... [continue reading]

Don’t Rollout Without Reading This

In talks earlier this year given at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to the European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF), and another at the Beijing Film Festival Technology Forum (pardon my plugs), I veered away from the usual overview of new technologies and into the chasm of technology rollout in cinema. My point was that there is too much expectation of the role of standards and other authoritative entities, such as DCI, when it comes to rolling out a new technology. Technology rollout post digital transition requires different thinking.

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Cinema Accessible Signing Standard a Bad Idea

Several people wrote asking about standards for sign language display in cinemas. This may sound contradictory coming from the person who drove standards for closed captions in cinema, but the call for sign language standards is not the right path. I’ll explain why.

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2016 Remembered For Its A&M

If 2016 were to be remembered for its achievements in cinema, it would be for its A&M activity (acquisitions and mergers). Wanda/AMC and Samsung each took major leaps. Tessera and QSC also engaged in takeover activity. And then Razer, a successful gaming company, made a side step towards cinema with its acquisition of THX.... [continue reading]

Immersive Sound, SMPTE DCP, and Security

Audio is the stepchild of digital cinema. Not that there’s no one who understands it. But rather that there are so many who think they understand it better than anyone else. There is now an opportunity to manage the standardization of immersive sound in cinema and clean up a few things along the way. It remains to be seen if the industry is smart enough to get this right.... [continue reading]