There Are Better Ideas For In-Home Movies Than Screening Room

Cinema is accustomed to a high degree of differentiation to home entertainment through technology. But this is rapidly changing. UHD for home includes 4K and the Rec 2020 color space, which is more inclusive than DCI P3 of Pointer’s gamut of real world reflected colors. Even home entertainment security is improving thanks to the efforts of Movie Labs, funded by the six major studios. In the US, the FCC fuels change through its Open Internet rules, also known as Net Neutrality, which commoditize the pathways for internet to the home, embracing the concept of 3rd party delivery of content over internet. With technology no longer in the way of fully experiencing movies in the home, the only barrier that remains standing is cinema’s exclusivity that defines the first release window. It’s no wonder that this is now under the microscope with proposals such as Sean Parker’s Screening Room to stream movies to home during the first release window for $50.

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