Tessera Acquires DTS

Tessera, a successful licensing entity known for its face recognition technology and semiconductor packaging technologies, announced plans to enter the media space through the acquisition of DTS. The acquisition is positioned as a merger under a new but yet-to-be-announced company name. The DTS brand will continue under the new company.

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Dolby Opens Up Immersive Sound

The past four years have been ripe with controversy over immersive sound in cinema. Every technology provider in this space claims some degree of intellectual property, creating sparks with distributors and exhibitors seeking a koombya moment of love and peace where everyone shares a single immersive sound distribution. But miracles happen. At the end of September, Dolby took the bold step of removing its claim to intellectual property in its distribution format. In taking this step, Dolby opens the door to license-free distribution that should have a significant, positive impact on the growth of immersive sound in cinema.

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ASC Releases Test Protocol to Guide Next Generation Cinema

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Next Generation Cinema Display (NGCD) subcommittee released its Cinema Display Evaluation Plan and Test Protocol, available at the ASC web site. As one of the co-chairs of the subcommittee that produced the report, and its editor, I’ll also point readers to an article co-authored with long-time friend and esteemed co-chair Eric Rodli in Digital Cinema Report, where we address many of the background issues that led to development of the Test Protocol.

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Time to Tidy Up the Patent Policy

Standards development organizations, known as SDOs, inevitably face patent issues in their work.  The ISO MPEG standards committee is perhaps the most successful in the area of patents.  SMPTE not so much.  …you can read the rest by clicking here!

Movies to the Home Revisited

Some things simply never die.  (See There Are Better Ideas for In-Home Movies than Screening Room.)  As long as streaming video on-demand (SVOD) exists, there will be those who want to use it to stream first release movies to the home.  …you can read the rest by clicking here!

Google’s Goof with Oracle

In the never ending courtroom sagas of Silicon Valley, a new one arose this month that could impact the recent Oracle v Google decision in favor of Google’s fair use of Oracle’s Java API. (See Will Google’s Fair Use Win Help GDC.) …you can read the rest by clicking here!